Dentures in Greenville, SC

Is it time to replace lost, damaged or missing teeth? At Meyer Dentistry near Greenville, SC, we offer customized dentures that are comfortable, durable, and recreate a natural appearance. Dr. Meyer and his team are here to help you smile with confidence again!

woman smiling after dentures helped restore her smileOur dentures in Greenville, SC are crafted to match your natural smile, boosting your confidence and allowing you to regain your bright smile. We can cater to each patient's unique needs by offering various denture options. From partial dentures for those missing a few teeth to complete dentures for those who have lost all their teeth, we have solutions for everyone. We use high-quality materials such as acrylic, porcelain, and composite resin to ensure durability and a realistic appearance.

At Meyer Dentistry, our team of experts will guide you through the denture process, from examination to fitting, to ensure accurate placement and optimal comfort. With proper care and maintenance, your dentures will provide lasting smile restoration!

What are Dentures?

Traditional dentures, replacing most or all of the natural teeth, consist of artificial teeth on a pink vinyl or acrylic base, sitting on the gums for a secure fit. This non-surgical, affordable option is easy to remove for comfortable cleaning and restores your bite for enjoyable eating.

Dentures enhance appearance by filling smile gaps, providing a youthful look, and boosting confidence. They improve eating by allowing better biting and chewing, enhance speech by correcting issues from missing teeth, and protect remaining teeth from damage by acting as a barrier against hard or sticky foods.

Who Needs Removable Dentures?

Oral disease, decay, and trauma can lead to tooth loss. We create partial and complete custom-made dentures for fully restored, comfortable, and natural-looking smiles. For those desiring stability, we offer implant-retained dentures, a flexible and affordable alternative using the power of dental implants.

Dentures at Meyer Dentistry

At Meyer Dentistry, our dentures services in Greenville, SC can be a great solution for those looking to regain their smile and confidence.

Traditional dentures are false teeth that are meant to replace all or most of the teeth in your upper or lower jaw—or both. They consist of two main parts: the artificial teeth and the base (which is usually made of pink vinyl or acrylic). The base sits on your gums and secures the dentures in place.

Our dentures are crafted from materials like acrylic resin, known for durability, porcelain for a realistic appearance, and cost-effective composite resin for temporary dentures.

You might consider traditional dentures over dental implants because they are:

  • A more affordable tooth replacement option
  • Made to comfortably fit your mouth
  • Easy to remove for cleaning
  • A nonsurgical solution to replace missing teeth
  • Excellent at restoring your bite, so you can eat the foods you love

woman with dentures smiling bigOur custom dentures in Greenville are designed to match your smile and look as natural as possible, which means they can greatly improve your appearance and your confidence. We offer the following dentures systems:

  • Partial Dentures: Our partial dentures are ideal for patients missing a few teeth. These dentures consist of replacement teeth attached to gum-colored bases secured with metal clasps. They are designed to match your natural smile, providing a comfortable and natural-looking solution for missing teeth.
  • Complete Dentures: Our complete dentures are designed to fit snugly over the gums, replacing all teeth in the upper or lower arch or both. These dentures are custom-made to match your natural bite and ensure optimal comfort. They are easy to wear and remove, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods again. Choose our complete dentures to restore your smile and regain your confidence.

Learn More About Removable Dentures

Custom-fitted dentures can transform your smile and your quality of life. To discover if dentures could be the right solution for your smile, contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Meyer!

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