Top Dental Technology in Greenville, SC

Dr. Meyer has been a dentist for 30 years, and he’s seen dental technology improve by leaps and bounds. New technology makes your treatment faster, more accurate, and more comfortable. Dr. Meyer has invested in the latest dental technology for his patients, so you can experience the best dental care available when you visit our Greenville dental office!

Our top dental technologies include:

Digital X-Rays

dentist reviewing a dental x-ray on a tabletDigital x-rays produce images that are clearer and more detailed than film x-rays, so we can take a complete look at your oral health and ensure your best

3D Printing

At Meyer Dentistry, we use our 3D printer to create custom-fitted night guards for bruxism (nighttime teeth grinding) and athletic mouthguards.

DEKA Dental Laser

Using laser technology allows our team to deliver more precise treatment than traditional dental tools. The DEKA dental laser is also less invasive, resulting in less pain and irritation to your gums.


The VELscope device enables Dr. Meyer to find oral health issues like infections, trauma, and oral cancer. This early detection means you can get fast treatment to maintain your healthy smile.

CEREC Same-Day Crowns

Dr. Meyer respects your busy schedule and your daily commitments. Offering same-day crowns that are crafted and completed in just one dental appointment, eliminating a second visit imposing on your schedule.

Experience Top Dental Technology in Greenville

When you visit Meyer Dentistry, you'll be treated with the latest dental technologies for precise, comfortable care. Call today to experience the latest dental technologies in Greenville!

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