What are the Benefits of Braces?

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Do you have misaligned teeth or an overbite? You may need braces! These are an effective tool in improving your dental care for the rest of your life. Though they are traditionally best for younger children whose teeth have fully grown in, they are also adjustable for adults who want or need their teeth straightened.

Our practice in Greenville, South Carolina, strives to give your smile the care and look it deserves with the use of braces. Just a few things to know with the application of braces, your orthodontist will first use a polishing paste to completely clean your teeth. Brackets are then bonded to the teeth, front and back, then metal bands fitted around the arch of your teeth. You can pick out a fun color for your braces or have clear ones attached.

You may experience a little discomfort with braces due to the amount of pressure they have on your teeth. Be assured that this pressure will go away and your teeth are in the first process of creating your best and straightest smile! Be sure to clean your braces regularly throughout the day to avoid any infections or decay.

We will schedule regular appointments for adjustments and to ensure you are maintaining a healthy smile. Give Meyer Dentistry a call at 864-213-4442 today for a consultation or appointment. Dr. James Meyer and our team strive to give you the dental care you need for your best smile.