Taking Care of Your Mouthguard

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If you or your child are involved in sports, it’s a good idea to wear a mouthguard. Many schools or leagues require a mouthguard as a standard part of the equipment, and while people may understand the need for mouthguards in sports like football, hockey and lacrosse, the truth is that if you are participating in a sport or activity in which there is any chance of an impact to your mouth, you should wear a mouthguard. If you wear braces or a bridge or, have dental implants or veneers, a mouthguard is very important to protect your teeth and your dental work.

There are three kinds of mouthguards. Stock mouthguards can be purchased in most retail outlets and offer the minimal amount of protection. A boil and bite mouthgaurd is placed in boiling water, and when it has sufficiently cooled, you bite down on it so that it conforms to your teeth. A custom mouthguard is crafted from an impression of your teeth made in your dentist’s office and offers the best possible protection.

Your should brush and rinse your teeth and your mouthguard before and after you use it. Doing so will prevent bacteria being transferred between your mouth and your mouthguard. When you are not using mouthguard, it needs to be kept in a case that is vented to allow the air to reach it and dry it. When you are using your mouthguard, resist the temptation to chew on it. Chewing on your mouthguard so will create cracks and holes in your it which will provide plaque and bacteria more places to hide. If your mouthguard has become cracked and pitted you should replace it, and it is a good idea to buy a new mouthguard at the start of each sports season.

If you, or your son or daughter needs a mouthguard for sports, recreation or even for work, Dr. James Meyer can create the perfect mouthguard. To make an appointment at Meyer Dentistry in Greenville, South Carolina for a custom mouthguard or if you have another dental need, call 864-213-4442 for an appointment today.