Pros and Cons of Dentures and Dental Implants

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No matter how you’ve lost your teeth, it is important for you to find the right way to replace them. That is why Meyer Dentistry in Greenville, South Carolina is here to help find the right restoration for you. We offer dental implants as well as dentures to help you bring back your smile. Let’s talk about how these restorations can benefit you.


Those who have lost teeth as a result of gum disease have found dental implants to be an amazing way to restore their teeth. Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular, and this is in part due to the fact that they function the same as normal teeth. The only person, besides yourself, who will know you have implants is your dentist.

Dental implants aren’t for everyone. If your gum and jawline has suffered a lot of damage as a result of gum disease or due to other circumstances, then they may not be able to give the support needed to dental implants. In these cases, dentures will be a more suitable option.


Despite their bad rep, dentures are an effective way of restoring your teeth. Getting used to wearing dentures takes time, but is worth the effort. Dentures will bring back your smile while also negating any side effects that would otherwise result in tooth loss.

Dental implants require less maintenance than dentures, but cleaning your dentures won’t take much more than your normal routine.

There are no “bad” choices, only what is right in the long term for you. To set up an appointment with Dr. James Meyer call us today at 864-213-4442!