Laser Dentistry: The Benefits

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Would you be surprised to hear that laser dentistry has actually been used since the 1990s? Still, what do you know about laser dentistry? Do you ever wonder if laser dentistry is safe or if it could actually benefit your smile?

Did you know that lasers can actually be used during a number of different treatments? In fact, these lasers can be helpful by removing gum tissue that is stopping your teeth from erupting. Laser dentistry can also remove excess gum tissue that is covering your pearly whites—which can make your teeth appear much shorter than they are. We may also recommend using laser dentistry if you have a TMJ disorder, as a part of the teeth whitening process, and even to help kids who struggle to speak.

Also, please understand that patients who are scared of the dentist could benefit greatly from laser dentistry. In fact, if lasers are used as part of a treatment, you may not need anesthesia or painkillers because lasers are usually less painful and more precise than other dental instruments. Similarly, you might not need stitches after your treatment because dental treatments performed with a laser generally bleed less. This will reduce the odds of getting an infection. Finally, if you use lasers during your treatment, you’ll heal much more quickly.

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