Don’t Forget the Importance of Mouth Guards

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Are you aware of the three different types of mouth guards and what each one offers for your oral health care? Mouth guards are oral appliances designed to protect your teeth and gums by limiting the risk of oral accidents and injuries that may befall you. By using a mouth guard treatment at periods of high risk, including during contact sports, you can lessen the damage from blunt trauma or any other strikes to your face.

However, not all mouth guard products are designed equally. Three common types that can be used are stock mouth guards, boil and bite mouth guards and customizable mouth guards designed by our dentist. Whereas stock mouth guards come preformed, ready-to-wear and are easily purchased at a local store, they will not contour to your teeth to provide the maximum protection. Instead, try using boil and bite mouth guards or customizable mouth guards from our dentist. Only by having a mouth guard in place that contours to your teeth can you provide yourself with the best treatments available to limit the risks of dental damage that can often occur. Once your mouth guard is chosen, be sure to take care of it properly, so it does not end up damaged or contaminated.

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