Common Oral Health Issues and How You Can Prevent Them

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Are you familiar with the many types of dental health problems that can plague your smile? If not, we encourage you to read this article to learn more about how to treat common dental issues in your smile.

– Bad breath: If you are struggling with bad breath, you are one of more than 85% of patients who struggle with this condition. Bad breath is often the result of an underlying dental condition that can be detected by our dentist.
– Gum disease: Many studies indicate that gum disease is linked to a variety of serious health conditions such as heart attacks and stroke. It’s important to keep gum disease at bay with routine dental care.
– Mouth sores: Many people struggle with mouth sores such as canker sores, cold sores, ulcers, and fever blisters. These often go away on their own but can be treated with the help of your dentist or an over-the-counter medication.
– Tooth sensitivity: Millions of people experience tooth sensitivity, but you may find that a sensitivity-reducing toothpaste can help reduce discomfort.
– Tooth enamel erosion: The loss of tooth enamel and underlying tooth structure happens often, but can be prevented with daily oral care, fewer acidic foods and drinks, and receiving fluoride treatment.
– Toothaches: If you are suffering a toothache or another form of dental emergency, we encourage you to visit the dentist as soon as possible. Routine dental visits reduce the likelihood of dental emergency by keeping your teeth in good health.

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