Are You a Victim of Bruxism?

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If you unconsciously grind, clench, gnash, or snap your teeth at night while you sleep, you may have a condition commonly referred to as bruxism. Bruxism can often occurs during times of stress, so it can impact anyone at any age. You are less likely to develop bruxism in your early or late periods of life, but it can manifest if you are under prolonged periods of stress. How do you know if you are a victim of bruxism? Review the following symptoms to find out.

— You have bizarre markings and indentations on your tongue and inner cheek tissue.

— You could have bruxism if your jaw has been known to lock up or gets stuck in place.

— You have difficulty or experience discomfort when fully opening and closing your mouth

— You have teeth that have worn way over time or are sensitive to the touch.

— You suffer from a temporomandibular disorder that has weakened the joints that make up your jaw.

— You have pain in your head in areas beyond your jaw, including your face and ears.

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