A Filling Might Be Needed to Treat a Small Cavity

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Cavities can occur when tooth enamel is lost. Often, this is due to poor oral hygiene, and if it is left unchecked, it can lead to severe damage, which may require a root canal or a tooth extraction.

Early symptoms of a cavity may include pain. You may also experience sensitivity, or discomfort when you are chewing. Symptoms may include a change in the color or texture of the tooth. If you have any concerns about the health of one of your teeth, you should schedule an appointment with Dr. James Meyer.

With early detection, the doctor might be able to repair a small cavity with a basic filling. The doctor will start by using a drill to carefully remove all the decay and create a healthy surface to hold the filling. The material the dentist will use for the filling will be based on the location of the tooth and the size of cavity.

If the filling will be small and visible to others, the dentist will likely use a composite resin material. The resin can be shaded to match the surrounding tooth enamel.

Dr. Meyer might use an amalgam filling to repair a cavity on a molar or premolar that isn’t immediately visible in your smile. This is a blend of dental metals that is known for durability.

If you suspect a cavity has formed on one of your teeth, and you live in the Greenville, South Carolina, area, you should call 864-213-4442 to seek professional treatment at Meyer Dentistry.