A Dental Bridge Can Address Tooth Loss from a Severe Cavity

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Left untreated a small cavity will continue to grow. The process of tooth decay can also be accelerated by any inconsistencies in your daily oral hygiene routine or failing to attend your routine dental checkup.

Over time the badly decayed tooth could fracture near the gumline or lead to a severe dental abscess in the gums. In a severe case, a dentist like Dr. James Meyer might not treat the compromised tooth with a root canal. In a time like this he might recommend a total dental extraction.

Once the affected gums have healed and any infection concerns have passed he can start the process of replacing the tooth with a dental bridge. This type of dental restoration calls for installing a single piece of dental work. It will replicate the appearance and function of the original tooth while also being fused with an open dental crown on each end.

The dental bridge will need to be anchored on a pair of abutments prepared by removing the tooth enamel layer from the two teeth neighboring the void. These two small post structures will be created from the core structures of the teeth.

The dental bridge will be created in a dental lab. When it’s ready Dr. Meyer will cement it into your mouth with a strong dental adhesive. This will complete the treatment process to restore the basic function of the once badly decayed tooth.

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